Pussy Riot protesters interrupt World Cup final, high-five Kylian Mbappe

Four members associated with the feminist punk rock protest group from Russia interrupted the final to bring attention to Russian police actions.




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France’s Kylian Mbappe, 19-year-old phenom, will donate World Cup earnings to charity

The first teenager to score in the championship since Pele, he has been a supporter of Premiers de Cordee, which brings sports to sick children.




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Futures Game features power surge with Peter Alonso, Yusniel Diaz, Taylor Trammell

MLB prospects from Team USA and the World Team combine for eight home runs as USA wins 10-6 at Nationals Park.




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ASU women’s basketball freshman Iris Mbulito earns MVP award at U20 European Championships

Incoming ASU women's basketball freshman Iris Mbulito was named most valuable player at the U20 European Championships after leading Spain to a title.




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Ray Emery, former NHL goalie, dies at 35 on swimming outing with friends

Ray Emery, who played for the Senators, Flyers, Ducks and Blackhawks during his 11-year career, played his final game during the 2014-15 season.




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LaVar Ball’s credibility on line for how a coach in his JBA league treated young player

Although “LaVar Ball’s credibility’’ might strike some as an oxymoron, it’s on the line. We’ll see if he’s serious about protecting young players.




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