Chandler economic news continues to impress

Chandler Jobs

Downtown ChandlerChandler economic news continues to be rosy with the latest news this week. Chandler continues to be a hotbed of economic growth. A good reason for that could be because of Chandler’s city planning, quality of schools, location to Phoenix and the growth friendly government.

It was announced in Chandler this week that Walgreens pharmacy will be relocating to the Price Corridor adding 500 new jobs. Walgreens will be moving into a new 60,000 sqft center. The new jobs are reported to be high paying pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and other leadership roles, according to Walgreens. The new facility is expected to be operational by the fall.

Chandler Development

Chandler has done a fantastic job over the last few years of having a business growth plan that has lead to the development of the Price Corridor. This section of Price Road along the 101 and 202 has become a destination place for many large companies and high tech start ups to land. The location, cost of living and schools have led thousands to jobs to relocate here over the last couple of years. In recent years Chandler has done a good job promoting the Price Corridor and Downtown Chandler. Most recently Chandler has highlighted the educated working force that lives close to Uptown Chandler.

Chandler Schools and Housing costs

The website Street Scout has recently come out with a list of the top cities in the Country for great public schools with the most affordable housing costs. Chandler, which recently won the top public school district in Arizona, was recognized by Street Scout as the No. 8 location in the United States for a top affordable area with the best high schools and No. 9 for elementary schools. Chandler was the only city in Arizona to make the list for both.

It is rear these days to see a list of ‘top places’ to live that does not include several East Valley cities such as Chandler, Gilbert, Scottsdale, and Tempe.

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