First Look – Cobra F-Max Irons

I can tell you from my recent R&D conference room experiences that the golf equipment industry continues to look at how reducing the weight of golf clubs could improve performance. We know lighter equals faster and faster equals farther, but what about weight savings as a means to reduce fatigue over the course of a round?

These guys are looking at everything because every little bit helps. That’s particularly true in the Super Game Improvement space where lightweight shafts with lighter swing weights are commonplace.

The Lightest EVER?

Within that context, it’s not surprising Cobra would bill its new F-Max iron as its lightest, easiest to hit creation ever. As I said, lightweight remains a trend in this space, and easy-to-hit is just another way of saying more playable for golfers who need a little help. For some that means more forgiveness, for others, it’s higher launch, or maybe a bit of draw bias. For many, it’s all of the above.

This isn’t a new realization. Much of what’s built into the F-Max is not only typical for SGI space; it’s also in-line with previous Cobra offerings with the category. That’s not to say the company hasn’t made improvements. They have… hell, the cosmetic improvements alone are worth the price of admission, but what really makes F-Max irons noteworthy are a pair of firsts it brings to the category.

  • The F-Max is the first Cobra Super Game Improvement set available in ONE Length
  • The F-Max is the first ONE Length set of any kind available specifically for women

If nothing else, the new ONE LENGTH set confirms Cobra’s commitment to advancing the single length category. I suspect that moving forward, nearly every new Cobra iron set will launch with a ONE Length alternative. We may even reach the point where we’re talking about variable length alternatives to ONE LENGTH.

The ONE LENGTH Advantage

fmax-one  As has been the story since day 1 for Cobra – really since the company signed single length advocate Bryson DeChambeau – the company has emphasized the consistency benefits of ONE Length irons. The argument is that ONE LENGTH promotes consistency (ball striking), and that consistency leads to lower scores.

The counter argument is that single length irons launch too low in the long irons, fly too far on the short end, and produce inconsistent gaps in the middle.

As with anything else, ONE LENGTH is not a one size fits all solution, but knowing what we know about consistency and gapping among golfers in the F-Max demographic – short version, neither is good – we think single length, though still very much in its infancy, has the potential to offer significant benefit.

We are excited to be the first to bring ONE LENGTH iron technology to the super game improvement segment of the market. Allowing senior and women players the simplicity of having one swing and one set-up for their irons, helps make golf a little easier and more fun – Tom Olsavsky, VP R&D for Cobra Golf

Enter Giveaway

The F-Max Variable Length Alternative


Of course, if single length isn’t your thing, there’s still could be an F-Max for you. They come in variable length as well.

F-MAX Iron Features

Both ONE LENGTH and Variable length designs feature heads that are shorter from top to bottom, and just a bit longer from heel to toe. The design helps keep the center of gravity low, while enhancing forgiveness.

A deep undercut cavity allows for more face flex, which boosts ball speeds on off-center hits.

The F-Max features Cobra’s progressive head construction. The long irons (4i-7i) are made from 17-4 steel (more distance), while a softer 17-4 is used in the short irons (8i-SW) for enhanced feel.

The irons feature an offset design, along with strategic heel weighting (draw bias). The combination promotes a higher, straighter flight for those who sometimes fight a slice.


F-MAX Iron Options

Between men’s, women’s, ONE LENGTH, and variable, the F-MAX is available in 5 distinct sets.

Men’s Steel ($599) – A 7-piece set (5-PW, GW) features True Temper Superlite steel shafts, available in right and left-handed versions in stiff, regular, and lite flex.

Men’s Graphite Combo ($699) – Also a 7-piece set, the combo version includes a 4H, 5H, and 6-PW irons and Cobra SUPERLITE 60 shafts. The combo set is also available in right and left-handed versions in stiff, regular, and lite flex.

Women’s Graphite Combo ($699) – Outfitted with Cobra SUPERLITE 55 shafts, the women’s version includes 5H, 6H, 7-PW, and GW. It’s available in both right and left-handed versions.


Men’s ONE Length ($499) –  The ONE Length option is a 5-piece set that includes 6-PW. The 60-gram SUPERLITE shaft is available in regular or lite flexes.

Women’s ONE Length ($499) – Also a 5-piece set, the women’s version includes 7-PW, SW, and is outfitted with Cobra SUPERLITE 55 shafts in what Cobra calls Lexi Blue & Raspberry. The women’s ONE LENGTH is available in right-hand only.


Retail availability begins August 18, 2017.

For more information, visit

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