Frieze Carpet: Pros and Cons

Before you decide to buy any type of carpet, you have to weigh its pros and cons. Get to know more about frieze carpet and decide if it’s a good fit for your home by reading below.


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Frieze carpet is extremely popular and adds to the value of most homes. On top of that, frieze carpet does not leave footprints when people walk on it. This is because the fibers are twisted so tight that they bounce back after being walked on. There are some cases where footprints might occur, but these are easy to remove and happen far less than with plush carpet. Despite the textured look of frieze carpet, it is very soft. This makes it feel good to walk on. Also, since the fibers are twisted, it is a lot more durable than other carpets and does not shed as easily. Compared to plush carpet, frieze carpet does not hold dust and dirt as much, which makes it easier to clean. Last but not least, frieze carpet can be made out of recycled plastic bottles. This type of carpeting, which is usually referred to as PET, is very stain resistant and eco-friendly. Source: Improvenet

Because the fibers of this carpet twist slightly, complex patterns cannot be executed in frieze carpeting, but very simple, basic patterns can be. Some designers also use variegated yarn to add more texture and color to the carpet; for example, an oatmeal colored pile could be flecked with darker brown and black specks to make it more visually interesting. Nylon is the typical fiber of choice for this style of carpeting, although other fibers are available as well, including fibers which are treated to be fire resistant. Source: WiseGeek


One drawback to friezes is that they can be difficult to clean. With tighter, shorter piles, spills tend to sit on top of the carpet, where you can easily clean and remove the carpet stain. Since frieze fibers are long and loose, the spill is free to run everywhere, making it much more difficult to tackle.

For this reason, you want to be certain that the carpet has excellent stain resistance.

Look for comprehensive stain and soil warranties on the carpet. You may wish to choose a solution-dyed fiber, which means that the color is added directly in the manufacturing process, not applied later. Therefore, the color goes entirely through the fiber, which in the most basic terms means very high stain resistance. Source: TheSpruce

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