TESTERS WANTED! ACCRA Fx Series Driver Shafts

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We’re hitting the sweet spot of summer – are you hitting the ball as far as you’d like? Do you think a different shaft would make a difference?

Well, that’s what we at MyGolfSpy would like to know, and we’d like 9 MGS loyalists to help us find out.

Specifically we’d like to know if a new ACCRA Fx Series shaft will give you those few extra yards you’ve been looking for while keeping the ball in the short grass. The FX Series is new this year, and features 3 different types of shaft for 3 different types of player.

ACCRA fx-series-launch-diagram

Here’s the skinny, according to ACCRA:

Fx 100: Promotes higher initial launch with controlled spin. For those wanting to increase launch angle with a super light-weight shaft.

Fx 200: Promotes mid initial launch with controlled spin. For those need some tip stability, but with a kick.

Fx 300: Promotes lower initial launch with controlled spin. For those needing more tip stability, but also with a kick.

*We will NOT be testing the Fx 400 shaft at this time.

ACCRA Fx shafts 1


1. You MUST be a MyGolfSpy Forum Member to apply. If you aren’t, sign up HERE.
2. In the Accra Fx Testing Forum Thread (click here) – List your:

  • Current driver
  • Shaft flex
  • Swing speed

3. You MUST post a picture of your current driver shaft!
4. You MUST be able to install your own shaft, or have it done for you. No adapters are included.
5. Open to avid golfers in the Continental US and Canada!

Based on your input, we’ll work with ACCRA to get you into one of the three Fx Series shafts.

We’ll announce the selected testers the week of July 20th.

Good luck!!

For more information:

Visit the ACCRA website.
Like ACCRA on Facebook
Follow ACCRA on Twitter


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August 22nd – Big Party In Mesa

August 22nd, 2015 will be a BIG day in Mesa. It will be the official grand opening of the very first light rail extension in Arizona.

Currently, the light rail line ends at the Sycamore Station that is “barely” in the city. The Central Mesa Extension will carry passengers along Main Street and into Downtown Mesa.

The announcement of the August 22nd grand opening came last month, and Metro, the City of Mesa, RAILMesa, NEDCO, the Mesa Chamber of Commerce and a whole bunch of others have been gearing up for a huge celebration.

There will be street closures, there will be parties at the new light rail stations, and the business community in downtown Mesa will put their best foot forward to show people that there is a lot of good stuff happening in their downtown area.

Sure, we have heard from a lot of people in Mesa who are looking forward to the opening, but there is some pretty serious buzz being created from people all along the line and from all across the metro area.

If you have been to downtown Mesa lately, you have seen a LOT of changes and a LOT of construction. Many people think… “You ain’t seen nothing, yet!” The growth is coming, the businesses are coming, new housing will be built, and new ideas will be shared. Heck, we have even seen an increase in people who want to live near the Mesa light rail line recently. Yes, really. Mark your calendar for August 22nd and come see all of the new changes for yourself.

Coming Soon:

What: Mesa Light Rail Extension
When: Saturday, August 22nd
What Time: From 8am – noon
Where: Ribbon cutting will be at the Center / Main Station

Here’s an info sheet from Metro with Mesa Light Rail Celebration information.

Mesa light rail opening
Light Rail Coming Soon

Want more information about the new Mesa light rail extension? Just let us know. We’ll be watching it VERY closely.

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Callaway MD3 Wedges: Robust Performance Simplified

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For Every Shot, Every Condition and Every Swing

Written By: Tony Covey

On the relative heels of the PM Grind Callaway has announced the MD3 Milled Wedge, which is basically the full line wedge release we all knew was coming. The MD3 is the most robust wedge lineup to date from Callaway, and includes 2 finish options, 3 groove designs, 3 sole grinds, and 8 lofts for a grand total of 15 different wedge options (30 if you count the finish options seprately).

And while all of that is intriguing – especially for those of us who appreciate choices – what’s more impressive is the effort Callaway put in to simplifying the explanation of the offerings to the point where just about anyone who stumbles across the new wedge should be able to make sense out of what Callaway’s new offering.


With this release, Callaway has taken small step back from their recent run of hyperbole and instead has focused on presenting the details in an easily digestible format that neither diminishes nor overstates the technology. All they’ve done is make it easy for everyone to follow along at home, and that’s not nearly as easy to do as it sounds. Quite frankly, this is Callaway meets PING as far as how the product is being presented to the golfer, and that’s a good thing.

Breaking down wedge performance is complex. Callaway has made it look easy.

It’s not the PM Grind

The first thing we should note about the MD3 Milled Wedge is that it’s not the PM Grind. While Callaway does offer 3 distinct sole grinds (S-Grind, C-Grind, and W-Grind) the PM Grind is not among them, though it’s worth noting that the W-Grind should be most similar from a performance perspective.

It would be pointless for me to waste time explaining the differences, because, as I said, Callaway has already done an exceptional job of simplifying it for us.


Aesthetic similarities between the PM Grind and the MD3 are primarily limited to the green goo-filled holes left behind when Callaway removes mass to raise the center of gravity for more spin. While not the extent of the PM Grind, the MD3 also features the curved leading edge, variations of which are common to many Roger Cleveland designs. As with the PM Grind, for those who prefer a flat leading edge, this might be a deal breaker. For whatever it’s worth, it’s one of the Callaway design elements that I really like.


Progressive Groove Optimization

In addition to the different grind/bounce options, Callaway’s MD3 Milled Wedges offer what the company calls Progressive Groove Optimization. The idea is that we need our grooves to perform differently depending on the function of the wedge. Grooves at gap wedge lofts are designed to play more similar to, and ease the transition from irons. At sand wedge lofts, the grooves are designed to spin, but not to an excessive degree. At lob wedge lofts, the grooves are designed for maximum stopping power.

Once again, Callaway does an exemplary job of laying out the details.


It’s true that Callaway isn’t the first to do this. Mizuno and others have been varying grooves as different lofts for a while, Callaway has simply done the best job to date of explaining it in a way the average guy can absorb. This is just the latest example that proves that it doesn’t matter who had the idea, what matters is what you do with it and how you present it.


Plenty of Options

As you can see from the charts below, the MD3 is available in lofts from 46° to 60° with different grind options available at each loft beyond 52° (in pw/gw lofts, the S-Grind is your only option).


Once you find the right loft and grind setup for your needs, the biggest question you’ll face is matte black or chrome?


Which do you prefer?

Moving the Needle

Already #2 on the PGA Tour, #1 on the LPGA Tour, and #3 at retail. If the momentum from PM Grind sales carries over (and I think it will), Callaway is positioned to overtake Cleveland as the clear #2 wedge at retail (Vokey has a firm grasp on the #1 spot). That would be yet another significant gain for a company that’s already made big market share gains in the metalwood and iron categories over the last couple of years.

The MD3 is available starting 9/4 (pre-orders begin 8/14) for $130 each.

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SPY PIC! – Callaway 2016 Big Bertha Alpha DBD Driver

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Here is your first look at Callaway’s upcoming flagship release for better (guys wanting lower spin at the expense of forgiveness) players.

Behold the Callaway Big Bertha 816 Double Black Diamond.

Conspicuously missing from the new design is the vertical gravity core that’s been the signature of the Alpha series for the last two seasons. While the core up position does benefit a small percentage of golfers, we believe that the efficacy of the original gravity core design has been overstated. So it’s far from a surprise that Callaway would look to reinvent its adjustable center of gravity technology, and offer up something that would presumably benefit a higher percentage of golfers.


As you’ll recall from our Most Wanted Driver Test, the 815 Double Black Diamond was a strong performer (particularly among higher swing speed players). By removing the additional center-locked mass necessary to support the vertical gravity core, Callaway has a legitimate opportunity to make what is already one of the best performing driver measurably better.

This is our first look at a major player’s 2016 offering and it’s definitely one you’ll want to keep an eye on.


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How to Invest in Real Estate If You Don’t Have Money?

Do you want to invest in real estate so badly but you don’t have the money for it? Then here are some ways on how to make it all possible:

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1. Forget Investing: Try Working First – The first, and easiest way to get into the real estate investing field is by … not investing?

That’s right. When you are just getting started, and you don’t have any money – one of the best ways to build up your income, increase your knowledge, and make connections is by working in the field of real estate without actually investing. There are dozens of different jobs you can use to get in the field – such as:

  • Real Estate Agent
  • Appraiser
  • Title Company Rep/Escrow Officer
  • Construction Worker
  • Project Manager for an Investor
  • Assistant to an Investor
  • Intern
  • and many, many more

The obvious benefit of this kind of work is that you are able to learn about the business while earning an income. For many, who simply jump into real estate investing, they actually lose a lot of money in the beginning. Additionally, you can earn money while meeting influential people who can help you out later on your journey.

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The History of the University of Calgary

The University of Calgary is a public research faculty located in the one of the nation’s most enterprising cities. The university has a clear strategic direction: to become one of the top five research facilities in Canada by the year 2016. Offering comprehensive and diverse academic and research opportunities that support discovery, innovation and creativity in all fields and disciplines, the university strives to become a fully integrated part of the City of Calgary. This push is clearly evident by its development and growth. Here is a brief history of the school, for those interested in mapping out its roots.

Early Years

The University of Calgary itself was founded in 1966, yet its roots date back to more than a century prior present day. In 1905, the Normal School of Calgary was founded to help train primary and secondary teachers for the province of Alberta. This was a good start, but the city craved an institution of higher learning. In 1945, this desire spurred the opening of a University of Alberta branch within the city limits. Once that same branch gained full autonomy in 1966, it became the modern University of Calgary.

The institution’s mode of operations was modeled after an American state university, placing a great deal of emphasis on extension work and applied research. A half-decade after it had been opened, the university expanded its vocations beyond theology, law and medicine and began offered a degree in architecture. During this time, the University of Calgary also saw a huge boom in construction. The enrollment in the university in 1966 reached 4,000 full time students, served by 355 faculty and staff members.


The university now offers 150 programs in post-secondary education and awards Bachelor’s, Master’s Degrees as well as Doctorates. The University of Calgary campus stretches over two square kilometres and offers great real estate opportunities around the different facilities. It is no wonder that some of Calgary’s nicest neighbourhoods and homes are nestled around university grounds.

The University of Calgary was ranked 6th in Canada and enjoys a reputation as one of the leading engineering and science schools. The University of Calgary continuously earns high marks from various revered institutions such as Maclean’s and The Globe and Mail in categories such as overall quality of education, overall university atmosphere and overall academic research. Over 30 000 full time students and 2,500 academic staff now call the University of Calgary home.

From humble beginnings to landing on the fast track to becoming a recognized leader in higher education, the University of Calgary has come a long way over the course of the last half century. If you are in the area, stop by for a visit. Whether you are a prospective student or someone looking to buy or rent a home in the city, great real estate opportunities are available. Reach out to us today to find the best University of Calgary real estate for sale.

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