Buying Real Estate IS NOT LIKE Buying At The Bay



The phrase I always hear from people looking to buy real estate is, 


I Want A Bargain!


When I first entered the real estate industry, a colleague of mine told me.  “Gary, buying real estate is not like buying at The Bay”

I said, “What?  What do you mean?”

He continued, “You know how you go to The Bay and you’re looking to buy a $100 shirt and because it’s Bay Day, you get 30% off.  Then when you sign up for their Bay card, you get another 15% off, then there’s a scratch and save and you get an additional 25% off, and by the end of the day, you end buying the $100 shirt for $20?”

“Yah, it’s such a great deal eh?”, I replied.

“That DOES NOT happen in real estate.”  He emphasized, “But people seem to think buying houses are like that, they want 30 – 50% or more off of the purchase price and it’s ridiculous.”

I learned something that day.  The public doesn’t know how it works in the real estate industry.  They think they know, but they don’t.  


Then how do I know how much I can sell my home for?


For sellers, you talk to a Realtor who knows the market (balanced, buyer’s or seller’s market), knows the comps in the area and has a general forecast of where the market is heading in the short term.  

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(10) Golfers Wanted: Test Snell Golf Balls

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The are are a handful of direct-to-consumer golf ball companies out there. A few  have cool logos, some have interesting stories. Tour-level performance? Well now you’re thinning the heard.

And when it comes to in-house R&D with a proven track record of creating some of the best balls in golf…well now you’re down to just one.

That’s because only one direct-to-consumer ball company has Dean Snell.

Golf Ball Street Cred

Snell, in case you’ve missed it, is the owner, operator, chief cook and bottle washer and the driving force behind R&D at Snell Golf. Snell has been designing golf balls for 25 years and holds 38 patents.  He designed or co-designed a few balls you may have heard of: the ProV1, the Tour Preferred/Tour Preferred X and the Project (a), among many, many others.

You’ve read about Snell golf balls before on MyGolfSpy. They tested well for us, and suffice it to say, we think they’re pretty darned good.  Our readers are singing the ball’s praises as well, so we’re guessing, you may be wondering what all the full is about.

Here’s your chance to find out.


We Need You

We’re looking for 10 golfers to test and review Snell’s latest offerings; five to try out Snell’s 2-piece Get Sum ball, and five more to try out Snell’s My Tour Ball. We’ll send you each 2-dozen balls, more than enough for you to find out for yourself if the Snell balls are as good as we think they are.

How To Apply:


MyGolfSpy takes its testing very seriously, so please read these application instructions carefully.

Step 1: If you haven’t already, you MUST join the MyGolfSpy Community Forum (click here to join).

Step 2: Apply by clicking on this link: Official Snell Get Sum/My Tour Ball Test Application thread in the MyGolfSpy Forum.

Easy, right?

Note: You must apply in the Official Application Thread in the MyGolfSpy Community Forum.

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Callaway’s Flagship Iron Gets the Stealth Treatment

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By: Tony Covey

In 2015 Callaway claimed it was Taking Perfection Farther (Apex CF 16), today it’s apparently again taking perfection farther, or, at a minimum, it’s painting perfection black.

Lazy headline writers will no doubt tell you that Apex is Back in Black, but the reality is that it never left, it’s simply getting a new and alternative finish option. So before we dig into Apex Black, I thought it might be helpful to offer up the briefest of refreshers on Callaway’s Apex CF 16 iron.

About Apex CF 16

Apex is, by mainstream definitions, a high-end, multi-material, forged iron featuring distance-boosting 360 Face Cup Technology. The sum total of all of that is an iron Callaway says offers Distance with Playability.

With Apex selling well, Callaway isn’t feeling any pressure to reinvent the wheel (e.g. release an Apex CF 17). A cosmetic tweak is all that’s needed, so for the rest of 2016 and likely into 2017, the Apex blend of Distance and Playability will soon be available in a sleek, arguably sexy, all-black package.


The Apex Black Difference

With our little stroll down memory lane out of the way, you may find yourself wondering; How is the Apex Black different from the Apex CF 16?

Firstly, it’s black.

Secondly…well, I suppose there is no secondly. Apex Black is black, regular Apex CF 16 isn’t.

From a design, and by extension performance standpoint, it’s exactly the same iron as the current Apex, but with a new finish.

I know…it’s not totally mind-blowing, but let’s at least credit Callaway for going all the way with the Apex Black by offering your choice of a blacked out version of UST’s Recoil, or a blacked out stepless version of TrueTemper’s XP 95 shaft, along with a blacked out Lamkin UTx grip part of the stock package.

This is a great example of the efficacy of today’s Callaway Golf. It gets an idea, and it works with its shaft and grip partners (and anybody else who might benefit from the symbiosis) to realize the total product vision.

It’s true, there’s nothing inherently brilliant about releasing a black iron, but as a total package proposition, Apex Black is well-executed.


Satin Black PVD

The Apex Black is finished in a Satin black PVD, which differs from Cobra’s Diamonized Black Metal (KING Ltd), and PXG’s Diamond-Like Carbon (0311). We’re less than convinced that PVD will prove as durable as those other options, but we also know there are golfers who like the the distinct patinas and hues created when PVD wears.

Personally, I would have liked to have seen a more resilient finish, but to each his own.

Why Black

As far as the big picture goes, why would Callaway release a finish tweak to an existing iron right now?

It’s becoming apparent that releases like these…not dissimilar from PXG’s are, for better or worse, the byproduct of the industry’s transition to longer product cycles.

Hooray, right?

Be careful what you wish for, or maybe be grateful for what you get. New finishes, colors, limited edition stuff, what have you, are easy – and not wholly disinteresting – ways to keep product lines fresh even as the calendar flips and older (and current) models are driven towards industry-inflicted obsolescence.

Personally, I’m torn…I understand why Callaway and others need to keep the old (as if a product with less than 1 year on the shelf should be classified as old) fresh while giving you the longer lifecycles you say you want. At the same time, from the consumer perspective, I can understand a bit of frustration too.

Why couldn’t Callaway have made Apex Black available when CF 16 launched last season? I’m guessing many of you would have chosen black PVD over satin chrome. Wouldn’t it have been a nice option to have?

But again, releases like Apex Black are about keeping it fresh, regenerating excitement, and maybe even about having something to tweet about nine months after a product’s initial release. It’s more difficult to regenerate buzz when you’ve thrown a kitchen sink’s worth of potential options (and excitement) on the table day 1.

So on balance, Apex Black is not that awful…especially considering the full black package (heads, shafts, grips). For what it’s supposed to be, what it actually is…Apex Black looks to be a well-executed effort that won’t offend many and will likely generate plenty of interest among Callaway fans and might even create a few converts along the way.


Pricing, Specs, and Availability

The Apex Black has a retail set price of $1299 (steel) and $1499 (graphite). That’s $100 more than the non-black Apex CF 16.

Pre-Sales (not sure how you sell before you sell, but whatever) begin on 5/20. Full retail availability starts 6/3.

For more info, visit

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