Executive Officers 2016-17

Congratulations to our Booster Club executive officers for 2016-17:
Lan Fisher, President
Kay Schot, Vice-President
Doreen Chou, Secretary
Mary Kate Wallace, Treasurer
Heide Angel, Parliamentarian

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Air Zoom 90 IT – Nike Golf Goes Retro Yet Again

Post image for Air Zoom 90 IT – Nike Golf Goes Retro Yet Again

Looking to blend the past and the present, Nike Golf continues to push the modern lifestyle element of golf with the introduction of the Nike Air Zoom 90 IT.

Based on the popular Nike Air Max 90 silhouette, the new golf cleat might be one of the better executions from the brand’s new stable of sportswear-based designs.

The new model is already making an impact on course. Rory McIlroy has been spotted wearing the Air Max 90 IT (along with new Nike Golf joggers) this week at The Players Championship.


“I wear Air Max casually off the golf course all the time. Making it into a golf shoe really brings something new to the golf course. Not only is it different and very cool but it also performs well, giving me the comfort, traction and stability that I need.” – Rory McIlroy

Catering to a younger audience, Nike Golf has taken a more direct approach to making golf apparel and footwear stylish enough to work on and off the course. The brand introduced the Nike Golf Club Collection a few season ago which focused more on apparel, but this year’s focus has also included footwear.


Back in February the brand introduced the Nike Flyknit Chukka Golf shoe which was the first introduction of the Nike Flyknit material in the golf category. Previously, Flyknit had only been used in Running and Basketball for athletes like Kobe Bryant.

To make the transition off the course easier, Nike Golf uses integrated traction on the Air Zoom 90 IT which we’ve seen used on the Nike FI Impact and on the FI Premier, as well as their lifestyle golf shoes like the Mont Royal, the Lunar Waverly, and the Air Jordan 9 Low Retro.


For those that play in wetter conditions, the upper on the shoe is waterproof and the shoe also features a one piece construction which essentially keeps the tongue from moving around.

Finally, for those long walks across 18 holes, Nike Golf included its Zoom technology in the toe and used its traditional Phylon cushioning for the rest of the midsole.

The Nike Air Zoom 09 IT will be available in Black/White on May 13th and in White/Black on June 1 for $175 on Nike.com.



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The Next Scotty Cameron

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“Scotty wasn’t doing the caliber of work at 27 that I am now.” – Tyson Lamb

For the better part of 25 years, Scotty Cameron has set the standard by which every other putter maker is measured. He’s part craftsman, part politician, and 100% marketing opportunist.

His putters and accessories are responsible for an incomparable collectible market and he’s the reason we’re okay talking about putter prices in the five-digits (and $300 headcovers).

He is Scotty Cameron and this is a space he’s created. But he can’t last forever, and we believe we know who’s next in line

On-Deck Circle

No one is suggesting the Cameron empire is going to crumble overnight. There’s far too many fanatics and collectors for that to happen. The more likely scenario is a gradual transition where Scotty fades to the periphery and in his place stands Tyson Lamb.


Respect the Legend, Do Your Thing

Scotty is 53, Tyson is 27. Scotty has built an empire and Tyson is, by his own admission, trying to figure things out. If you didn’t know any better, you might think Tyson is intimidated by all of Scotty’s success.

While he readily admits a profound and deep “respect for all SC has done” and acknowledges Cameron’s model as the only one worth emulating, Tyson is anything but star-struck. In fact, (CAD technology notwithstanding) Tyson proclaims “Scotty wasn’t doing the caliber of work at 27 that I am now.”

Tyson Lamb - Allan Dale
Tyson Lamb - Longhorns

Tell it Like it Is

In this over-commercialized world where every interview seems scripted and political correctness is valued more than honesty, it’s invigorating when Tyson tells you “Camerons are over-engineered and Bettinardi does way too much paintfill.” He goes on to say, “Scotty is smart, but he thinks the industry is stupid… he talks down to the consumer.”

His intent isn’t to slander the very names who make his livelihood possible, but rather Tyson can’t help but be anything other than brutally honest. Moreover, Tyson sees himself as a true artist and craftsman, not simply someone who “stamps dogs and smiley faces on putters.”

That’s something you need to know about Tyson. He’s brash and arrogant, and his putters are unlike anything on the market. Period.

It’s like my father used to say, “It’s not arrogant if you can back it up.”

Tyson backs it up. And then some.

Tyson Lamb - Black
Tyson Lamb - Faces

Not Just Gamers, Collectibles Too

In high school Tyson would buy an off-the-rack Cameron Studio Stainless for $300, modify it and turn around and sell it for three to four times what he bought it for. “I just figured it out” is his only explanation as to how he got this good, this fast. It almost seems too easy, but this kid is Picasso with a milling machine.

Tyson doesn’t view himself solely as a putter maker. He does a large volume of custom work (signage, etc.) but if selling five custom pieces for $2,600 a pop through Jim Butler is any sort of harbinger, custom signs and metalwork is going to be taking a back seat for a bit. Or the next couple decades. Tyson is already establishing himself as a credible player in the high-end collectible market and he’s fitting into a self-defined “weird hole” with his custom pieces, which start at $1,000 and only go up from there.

Tyson Lamb - Bullets
Tyson Lamb - OSU

This puts his price above a typical Bettinardi or Piretti, but well below the $1,700 price tag of a basic Circle T Cameron. Tyson is quick to note while “$1,000 is crazy for a putter”, he’s picking up more and more former Cameron clients because “I’ll do what Scotty won’t”. If you’re paying a premium for a handmade, custom putter you’d like to think the name on it is the same person who created it.

“Not made in China”


If you scan Tyson’s Instagram, you’ll see “Not Made in China” stampings, which is his way of giving a middle finger to the “B.S. of marketing and lack of connection between consumer and process.” It’s not that Tyson is some type of xenophobe, but he reacts with disdain when someone just plants his name on a product, giving the impression he actually created, designed, milled, stamped, polished and delivered the product. I think this is what Tyson means when he says “Piretti is just a face.” Bold? Yes. Accurate? That’s debatable.

Do you want one yet?

Don’t check in your local PGA Superstore, on Ebay, or any green grass account. Right now, you can DM Tyson through his Instagram account while he continues to build his official website. Call it purposeful exclusivity.

There’s no reason for Tyson to grow too quickly. He could make a bunch of prototypes, call in a couple favors and take his chances next to every other bag on the practice greens every week on the PGA Tour. He could catch lightning in a bottle or it could be a colossal waste of time and money. The more prudent approach, according to Lamb, is to solidify a strategy which will allow him maintain control over every step of the process and see how things go if he ramps up production to 15 or 20 putters a month.


If he’s as good as I think he is, it’s only a matter of time until a major OEM comes calling with the resources and reach to take Tyson Lamb from garage artisan to penthouse icon.

As for critics? Tyson doesn’t spend a lot of time worrying about that noise or becoming the next “whomever.” He’s more concerned with refining his craft; petty critics claiming he doesn’t have the clout or name recognition to be “charging what he does” can kiss his ass. But excuse him if he doesn’t exactly take them seriously – he’s kind of busy becoming the best putter architect you just heard about.

Tyson Lamb Gallery

Tyson Lamb - 3 Putt
Tyson Lamb - Hosels
Tyson Lamb - Brown
Tyson Lamb - Coins
Tyson Lamb - Headcovers
Tyson Lamb - Copper
Tyson Lamb - Render
Tyson Lamb - Blue
Tyson Lamb - Sole Basic
Tyson Lamb - Rainbow


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(3) GOLFERS WANTED: Test Mizuno JPX EZ Driver & Fairway

Post image for (3) GOLFERS WANTED: Test Mizuno JPX EZ Driver & Fairway

Mizuno means irons – we all know that. Grain flow forgings, titanium muscle inserts and buttah soft – it’s the corporate identity.

But drivers and fairway woods? Mizuno?

Mizuno thinks their new driver and fairway wood combo, the JPX EZ, needs to be on your 2016 must-demo list, but we want to know what you think. We need three golfers to test and review Mizuno’s JPX EZ driver and fairway wood. In return, you’ll get a driver/fairway set to keep.


Mizuno says the JPX EZ driver is a high launching, low-spinning bomber with the forgiveness of a saint, while the JPX EZ fairway wood, with its Shock Wave sole, is just plain easy and just plain long.

MyGolfSpy wants three of you to test and review Mizzy’s latest creations (you’ll get both the driver and fairway to test) and tell us if they perform as advertised.

Mizuno JPX EZ Driver - 8

How To Apply:

MyGolfSpy takes testing very seriously, so please read these application instructions carefully:

Step 1: If you haven’t already, you MUST join the MyGolfSpy Community Forum (click here to join)

Step 2: Apply by clicking this link: Official Mizuno JPX EZ Driver/Fairway Application thread in the MyGolfSpy Forum.

It’s that easy!

Note: you MUST apply in the Official Application thread in the MyGolfSpy Forum

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Teenage Cooking Boot Camp: College Survival Skills

Before you know it, you’ll be in college. Are you ready? Set yourself on the right path towards healthier living in a mere two days, by learning how to cook with professionally trained faculty chefs from the top cooking college in the United States! After you take our boot camp, you will be able to impress your friends with your buttermilk pancakes, fluffy omelettes, roast chicken, chocolate mousse, and more. Click title for more information.

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